NEW ParaNorman Trailer!

Can’t wait for this…

2 Responses to NEW ParaNorman Trailer!

  • Nety says:

    what a concert that all aceidnues wore white top..! I’ve just noticed.Beautiful with yr story really ka,luv..magnificent singers..TRES BIEN..encore..bravo ~~~~~~~ love u, P’ xxx )

  • Anja says:

    I can see one reason to priihbot horses from critical wilderness areas: the spread of invasive species seed from their poop. However, I consider the use of motorized vehicles in wild places, (which also deliver invasive spp. seed) and the trash hunters leave behind (I speak from personal experience I have to clean up our woods and roadsides every year after hunting season) far more invasive. Hunting should not conflict with passive sports. Hunters should pack out what they pack in, and be targeting deer, not bicycle riders or horseback riders on the roads and trails. If you can’t see what you’re shooting, don’t shoot for heaven’s sake. I agree with the Morgan lady. Horses and Vermont belong together. I’m sure the wildlife would agree.

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