sesame street

The magic of Sesame Street!

Not sure what year this is from but it’s new to me and is really awesome… a rad “behind the scenes” feature from Sesame Street!


This morning me and my wife watched a really cool dvd, ‘Sesame Street: 40 Years Of Sunny Days’, it was really fun watching all the classic skits we grew up on. But the best ones for me were the really simple ones with a kid and a Muppet. It’s so cool seeing how the kids interact with the puppet, just seeing the character and not the puppeteer, who is just below the camera line!

It made we wonder whether kids TV will ever be the same, where the artists were allowed to be themselves with no interference from executives and producers, who think they know better or rather want to “play it safe”. Anyways, enjoy some of the best TV ever recorded…

It’s a shame nobody has been able to step up and fill Jim Hensons’ shoes, even if they were huge!